Manufacturer of machinery and equipment since 1998

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About us

Since 1998 at service of the industry, FENTO has proved their worth in domestic and international market in the manufacture of industrial machines for several areas:

  • Manufacturing industries of refrigeration
    Design and supply of equipment, industrial engineering and computer-aided engineering
  • Plastic Components manufacturing industries
    Design and manufacture of automation
  • Automotive component manufacturing industries
    Design and manufacture of machines
  • Manufacturing industries of metal components
    Design and manufacture of simple tools, and equipment
  • Manufacturing industries of electrical components
    Mounting devices, tests and testing
  • Research & Development
    Preliminary effluent treatment equipment, etc.

Engineering and Management Solutions

Development of the diagnosis of the industrial needs of your company, reorganization of technical layouts and production techniques achieving improvements and increases in productivity.

Product Engineering Solutions

Design development and implementation of innovative industrial products in order to increase productivity, improve quality or produce new products for your business.

Computer-Assisted Engineering Solutions

On request we do projects of machines and equipment, mechanical dimensioning, 3D assemblies and drawings of 2D or 3D parts.